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Fitness in Fishers

Posted by admin_realtors on June 5, 2018
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Get Up! Get Active!

Are you striving to get fit this year but don’t know where to start? Want to know what kind of workout suits you best? Not sure what gym to go to? Good news! Fitness is a big deal here in Fishers! With a wide range of exercises that support all levels of activity, this city has got the fitness resources you’ve been searching for. Let’s get you plugged-in so you can stop making excuses and start toning those muscles you’ve always wanted.

The Basic Gym

Just looking for the closest gym that has all the basics: treadmill, dumbbells, workout machines, etc. Here are the top gyms around the Fishers area and their top 5 highlights.

Being new, MEI Fitness has up-to-date technology. Their equipment makes it easier for you to workout and achieve the best pump in.

  • 24/7 access
  • Kids room
  • Stand-up tanning bed
  • Variety of classes
  • Sauna

Having the best resources makes it easier for you to know what you’re doing. With LA Fitness’s educated team, they make it easy for you to reach your fitness goals. 

  • Indoor Basketball
  • Indoor Pool
  • Racquetball
  • Whirlpool Spa
  • Kids Klub

What makes Planet Fitness unique is the judgment-free experience. They have a welcoming and supportive environment that gives you a sense of belonging.

  • 24/7 access
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Clean
  • Tanning Bed

Alternative Fitness Options

Just looking for the closest gym that has all the basics: treadmill, dumbbells, workout machines, etc. Here are the top gyms around the Fishers area and their top 5 highlights.

Looking for something a little more extreme? Why not give Crossfit a try? There are lots of Crossfit gyms in the area for you to try out. This kind of workout is a great way to combine everything into one.

Want something new and different? Give Orangetheory a try. Busy schedule? One of the unique features about Orangetheory is that it’s only 1-hour long, which makes it easy for you to squeeze into your crazy schedule.

Lets free that mind of yours with some good ole’ yoga. There are so many different yoga places to try out in the Fishers area.

Get fit with kickboxing! Kickboxing is a great way to kick your way through a stressful day at work. With this high energy cardio routine, you will be able to get that body you’ve always wanted.

Free Fitness Ideas


It can be hard finding what type of workout best fits your needs. Fishers provides so many different workout genres for you to explore and become a part of. So no more excuses!

Group Rides

Are you a cyclist or are interested in the sport? The town of Fishers is full of cyclists on all skill levels. Get plugged in with a riding group. Group rides are a great way to get a good ride in with other cyclists just like you. Many bike shops usually organize these rides and have set times they do them. Loke Bicycles is the perfect group ride for beginners ranging all the way to advanced riders. These rides are free for everyone to come join. For the riders just looking to get in the sport and are not as fast as the other, Loke bicycles has a non-drop ride which means no rider left behind. 

Central Green Free Fitness Classes

Hosted by The Max Challenge, there will be free workouts classes every Wednesday from 9:45-10 am outside on the central green in downtown Fishers. Everyone is welcome to attend that is within the community of Fishers.


Feel like doing your own thing at your own pace? No problem, Fishers has that covered. With plenty of running/walking trails in the area, it makes it more enjoyable to get a good run or walk in.

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